Pirate Kings Free Spins Link 2020

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Pirate Kings Free Spins Link 2020

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Pirate Kings Free Spins Link 2020

Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings spins link
Pirate Kings Island

Pirate Kings is Jelly Button’s first creation having more than million users from across the world. Currently Pirate kings has over 10 Million + downloads on Google Play Store with a rating of 4.4 star and 1 Million + reviews and 2.6 Million followers on Facebook. There must be something really good to have that kind of ratings on the Play Store. Pirate Kings is a 100% original free-to-play build in Unity 3D environment. Pirate kings is a game that is easy to learn and hard to master—one of cleverness and chance where players are pirates who conquer dozens of exotic islands in quest of gold, Artifacts and revenge. 

pirate kings free spins link

Sail the Seven Seas, battle your friends around the world, conquer beautiful and exotic islands, and sit on top of the worldwide leaderboard! Pirate Kings is easy to learn and hard to put down game. It is a combination of skill and chance where the mighty pirate, and his sidekick Inky, are on a quest for gold, Artifacts and revenge. Pirate Kings is a competitive, fun, Single Player game, where you win mountains of gold, battle against the empires of your Facebook friends, and build custom-themed islands. You can become one of the million Pirates across the globe, if you play this game.

Pirate kings 

  • Set sail in a beautifully designed, 3D pirate world
  • Compete against your Facebook friends in Pirate Kings MINGLE PLAYER experience
  • Select from hundreds of unique items and upgrades on dozens of new islands based on spectacular themes
  • Defend, revenge, and conquer the islands
  • Use your cannons to destroy the islands
  • Select your custom pirate avatar and empire flag
  • Play whenever you want
  • Defend your islands with protective shields

In the Pirate Kings game you spin the wheel, earn pirate coins and use those coins to build your island. Once you complete your island, it is conquered and remains yours to win more pirate cash of. Only after the island is conquered you can move ahead to a new island with a spectacular new theme. Currently Pirate kings has over 35 + levels with wide variety of themes. The cash king is the source from where you can gather maximum amount of coins at once.

If compared to other games its mechanism is quite similar to Coin Master. Coin master is a casual single player game based on simple process of spin, earn, build, attack and raid another player’s base.

Currently Pirate kings has over 2.7 Million followers on Faceboook.

As per a report by The Hindu global downloads of casual games like ROBLOX, Coin Master and Tricky Puzzles grew 45% in the first half of the year as compared to the previous year.

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